Make A Difference for Pleasanton

Festival 2017

How to Make Your January 2017 Festival Table a Success!


1. GO BOLD! This is

48- point type.

2. If you use regular type (usually 10-12-point fonts), those who pass your table will be unable to read your messages.  

  • Pick a font size as large as newspaper headlines.
  • Use short phrases rather than full sentences or paragraphs.
  • Add pictures when possible.  
  • Use bullet points (like these) on your printed materials


3. COVER UP – Whether it’s paper, plastic, or cloth, plan to bring a table cover – the more vivid the better – to distinguish your 6-foot space and make it more attractive to visitors.


4. DON’T BE FLAT – Use the caterers’ trick of creating different levels by placing plastic or cardboard containers beneath your table cover. This makes your space more interesting than a flat surface. Consider bringing small table easels or other materials to prop up signs identifying who you are and what you have to offer.


5. BE GENEROUS – Think of something to give away, since that will attract people to pause at your table, giving you the opportunity to engage them in conversation.

  • Host a drawing for some sort of prize – a perfect way to capture contact information.
  • Include YOUR contact information on a tip sheet, recipe card, keychain, pencil, etc.


6. DON’T JUST SIT THERE – Effective marketing involves four steps: 

  • Gain a person’s attention 
  • Get their interest 
  • Persuade them 
  • Close the transaction


Click here to print the exhibitor-tip-sheet